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for Active Asset Management

aam2core Holding AG

aam2core Holding AG is an investment and asset manager specialised in active asset management with a focus on the real estate market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

aam2core's USP is its know-how of the entire property lifecycle with a project development and asset management team ensuring a high level of strategical, operational and technical property expertise.


Since the foundation in 2017, our clients and investors have benefited from our expertise in the asset classes residential, office and logistics/light industrial. Through active asset management, we focus on optimising yields by leveraging the value creation potential of real estate in the risk classes 'Core' to 'Opportunistic'.

aam2core has offices in Frankfurt and Munich.


Our divisions

Following our perfect symbiosis of

value creation based on real estate management and capital market expertise,

aam2core Holding AG consists of four divisions:

Transaction, Asset Management, Project Development and

Financing & Capital Markets.

In this manner, we cover value creation throughout the entire property lifecycle.

Die Geschäfsfelder der aam2core Holding AG


Our Transaction team is sourcing market opportunities for aam2core Holding AG and organises investments and divestments. Transactions are realised in alignment with the investment profiles of our capital partners.

aam2core Holding AG offers a full range of consulting services for professional real estate acquisition thanks to its sound expertise and clearly defined acquisition processes.

Asset Management

The acronym for “Active Asset Management” is already embodied by the first three letters of aam2core Holding AG and best demonstrates what aam2core stands for. For aam2core, active asset management means the best possible value-oriented, strategic portfolio management customised for your property or your property portfolio.

This team optimises existing properties by lowering vacancy rates, increasing rents, renewing leases, optimising OPEX by negotiating contracts with suppliers and making targeted CAPEX investments.

All optimisation and management measures follow the maxim of economic efficiency and comply, wherever possible, with ESG criteria.

Project Development

Our Project Development team optimises existing portfolios, e.g. by refurbishment, partial demolition, new construction, densification/addition of storeys. This helps optimise yields on your property. Recently, there has been a strong focus on acquiring project developments in the form of forward transactions.

Financial & Capital Markets

Our Finance division finds the right financing for the Group's real estate products in cooperation with capital market partners such as banks, insurance companies, pension funds, employee benefits institutions, foundations, own securities portfolios of savings banks, credit unions and family offices.




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Do you have questions about our asset categories or would you like to discuss a specific project with us?

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