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ESG – Environmental Social Governance

As a company, we have responsibility for our staff, our community and for the environment. It is therefore our goal to reconcile economic, ecological and social aspects. All active investments are focused on ESG and the fulfilment of the European Union’s ESG criteria. 

ESG - Ökonomie


  • As a asset manager, we consistently focus on realising value creation potential both for existing and new buildings. Designing and realising sustainability strategies is an important matter of our DNA. This enables us to improve the sustainability of the properties we manage and hence to also create significant added value for our investors.

  • Adherence to our compliance guidelines is the framework of our actions.    


  • As part of our active asset management approach, we continuously improve the ESG criteria of the properties we manage. In this context, we analyse the individual trading options individually in respect of costs and benefits and develop a strategy for their implementation.

  • We also help our investors realise innovative sustainability concepts. For example, 60 per cent of the heat supply for a project development in the residential segment (> 1,000 units) under our asset management comes from waste heat recovered from a neighbouring data centre.

ESG - Ökologie
ESG - Soziale Verantwortung

Social criteria

  • We consistently implement social criteria in our projects. In the case of residential investments, for example, we pay attention to a future-oriented residential mix and a well-balanced tenant structure. 

  • We take responsibility and support social institutions in the vicinity of our projects  

familienzentrum monikahaus
Die Arche

Responsibility for our staff members

  • We are aware that human resources are a crucial factor for the success of our business. Hence, the well-being of our staff members is very important to us, as a company. For this reason, we provide flexible solutions to meet the individual needs or support the personal development of our staff.

  • And, of course, we offer a modern workplace with convenient access to public transport.

ESG - Governance

We are member of the ECORE ESG Circle of Real Estate and

GRESB - The global ESG benchmark for financial markets

aam2core Holding AG ist ECORE Mitglied
aam2core ist  Mitglied: GRESB – The global ESG benchmark for financial markets

Learn more about the environmental standards implemented at aam2core through our ESG Policy:


Governance in practice

Mandatory DISCLOSURE of potential conflicts of interest by all employees


of confidential & personal information

Promotion of




RESPECTFUL handling of natural RESOURCES



all forms of discrimination

COMPLIANT financial reporting


with laws & regulations

COMPLIANCE with the CODE by all staff members

PROTECTION & CAUTION in handling corporate & client assets


for corruption within the company and with business partners

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